Author & Artist Alley

This year we are excited to bring to you authors and artist from all over the Oz universe.

Comic Book Artist & Author
Tom Hutchison

Tom Hutchison is the co-founder of Big Dog Ink comics as well as the writer and creator of  The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West. The Wicked West is a re-imagining of the classic L. Frank Baum story but told with an old west twist. Instead of ruby slippers, Gale wears ruby spurs and her best friend Toto is now her trusty steed. 

A life-long comic book fan, Tom first stumbled across comics at a flea market at the age of 10 and comic books quickly became a staple in his life. Tom has taken part in virtually every portion of the industry at one time or another, starting as a reader and collector and then managing a local comic book shop before moving on and owning his own store. Tom started assisting with other’s creator owned comics and now is writing and publishing his own stories as well as helping new creators with their projects in an editorial capacity.

Tom and the Big Dog Ink team are celebrating 10 year of “Legend of Oz: The Wicked West!”

Ron Baxley, Jr.

A published author for over 30 years, Ron Baxley, Jr. is a good author, just a very bad wizard at times. He, an Oz-Stravaganza veteran, likes to be a bit bad in a wickedly funny way as a satirist in his O.Z. Diggs VII satirical Southern fantasy series for older young adults and adults. Then, he becomes good (perhaps wicked good as his students in Massachusetts would have said) with his latest children’s book “Goldey Goosey of Oz” and fantasy Corgi graphic novel, “Ziggy Zig-zags the Light and Dark Fantastic.” Ron is not just an award-winning author published by YBR Publishing but was an educator for 15 years in different regions. He applies that experience to his writing for children and youth. In addition, he applies his over decade’s worth of experience as a journalist to his writing. By the way, Ron’s newest publications will be within an anthology. In fact, Ron’s current publisher, YBR Publishing, has vetted submissions from YBR and non-YBR authors, with finalists from the US and Canada, to be included in its first annual short story anthology, “TALES ON THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD 2023". Some of Ron’s Oz pieces and non-Oz pieces will be published within the anthology, and he hopes to have copies for Oz-Stravaganza. In fact, one piece within it will be an excerpt from “O.Z. Diggs the Fifth Estate in Gillikin Country: O.Z. Diggs VII Book 3”. Pre-signed copies of many of Ron’s books are available at the All Things Oz Museum gift shop or online at

Ron cannot wait to see his fans, friends, and colleagues and has a special surprise for the All Things Oz Museum this year. He hopes to see everybody at the Authors and Artists Alley tent and sign/personalize his books for fans and friends. For more information on Ron, go to or, for more information about his books, go to . Photo by Jerry Morris.

Julienne La Fleur

For as long as I can remember, the secret to getting me out of the doldrums of life has been to watch the movie The Wizard of Oz. On feeling-blue weekends I curl up on the couch and follow Dorothy on her journey with skipping, dancing, and many happy tunes. Beneath the musical, the powerful, positive messages always renew my spirit. Finding two hours to watch a movie is almost impossible, so I looked for a book about the lessons from Oz. The few books available for adults were overly analytical, written dryly by academics, and were a disappointment to me as an Oz lover. I needed a book written by someone like me–someone who adores the movie, can do a mean munchkin imitation, and knows where and why the film touches your heart. None of the books related Oz to life in a fun way to give me that inspirational fix I needed. Jotting down my own lessons became a kind of game. Every time a challenging situation appeared, I’d ask myself "What would Dorothy do?" and could always find the answer. The list of lessons grew, as the thought of this book would plague me. I’d think, "This would be a great book! I wish someone would write this!" Finally, it hit me, if you want something written right, you’d better write it yourself. This book is as much for me as it is for anybody. These lessons are my own little pep talks for the really grumpy days.

Kris Silva

K.A. Silva (he/they) loves the darker side of Oz. His dark, romantic urban fantasy series for adults, Needle & Straw, is inspired by L. Frank Baum's Oz books, and by film versions including the cult classic "Return to Oz."  K.A. loves Halloween and all their books involve at least a touch of spookiness! K.A. has been editing fiction professionally (Regency romance and urban fantasy) since 2013, and his first published novel was Wendigogo in 2020. They reside happily in Wisconsin with their audio-engineer partner. Their books in urban fantasy, romantic fantasy, and horror comedy through indie house Graythorn Publishing can be found at Updates irregularly on Facebook at .

Needle & Straw: Oz is real and deadly, filled with ancient magic and monsters, powerful witches and cunning fae. Our heroes will need more than brains, heart, and courage to survive! Romance, humor, queer rep, and a touch of horror in a dark Oz series intended for adults.

Book 1: Straw Song: The Scarecrow didn't know he had a heart as well as brains. Can there truly be a good witch in the Outside World, and can he trust her? Modern witch Theo didn't think she had any real magic. Taking Scarecrow on a wild road trip to Kansas may prove deadlier than she thought! Nick Chopper uncovers a dangerous coup afoot in Oz. Together, they all must stop a conspiracy of evil fae to save two worlds from dark magic and monsters!

Book 2: Straw Soul:  Does Scarecrow harbor dangerous magic? Can Theo fend off her awful family? Is Ozma Tip strong enough to root out the horror still lurking in Oz-- and underneath? More magic, mayhem, and romance between our world and Oz!

Jim Coon

Jim Coon is a cartoonist, caricature artist, graphic designer, actor and director who resides in Cortland NY. He is a Halloween enthusiast, comic book nerd and a self proclaimed grumpy old man who enjoys chasing kids off his lawn and napping mid afternoon. He is an experienced T-Shirt designer and designed the 2023 Oz-Stravaganza festival shirt, as well as the "Toto All Things Oz" design and the "yellow brick road All Things Oz Museum" shirt design. He has played the Scarecrow twice in two separate versions of The Wizard of Oz on stage at the Center for the Arts of Homer in Homer NY. He is also the creator of the Chiller Haunted House, Cortland’s scariest little haunted house. For more info, please visit his website at

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