Author & Artist Alley

This year we are excited to bring to you authors and artist from all over the Oz universe.

Comic Book Artist & Author
Tom Hutchison

Actress & Cosplayer
Allison Lehr

Tom Hutchison is the co-founder of Big Dog Ink comics as well as the writer and creator of The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West. The Wicked West is a re-imagining of the classic L. Frank Baum story but told with an old west twist. Instead of ruby slippers, Gale wears ruby spurs and her best friend Toto is now her trusty steed.

A life-long comic book fan, Tom first stumbled across comics at a flea market at the age of 10 and comic books quickly became a staple in his life. Tom has taken part in virtually every portion of the industry at one time or another, starting as a reader and collector and then managing a local comic book shop before moving on and owning his own store. Tom started assisting with other’s creator owned comics and now is writing and publishing his own stories as well as helping new creators with their projects in an editorial capacity.

Tom and the Big Dog Ink team are celebrating 10 year of “Legend of Oz: The Wicked West!”


Allison Lehr is an actress, vocalist, and cosplayer from Cleveland, Ohio. The Wizard of Oz has played a huge role in her life, and was the reason she began acting. She is humbled to have been able to play the role of Dorothy onstage three times; as well as in various cabarets, reviews, and Oz festivals. She is the official cosplayer for Big Dog Ink’s Legends of Oz: The Wicked West. She can often be found going on adventures with her dog Toto.

Home From Oz

Joseph and Jessica South are a creative couple and the designers of thegame Home From Oz. Growing up in Paraguay and Hawaii (respectively) they have both seen their fair share of rainbows! Now residing in Ohio, they are raising two daughters and a cat. Games have always been a favorite pastime for both of them, so creating a game of their own only seemed natural. In 2019, the couple got married, launched the card game, and attended five Wizard of Oz festivals! Joseph's love for Oz extends back to reading the books with his young daughter and Jessica has fond memories of playing a deranged Dorothy in a Wizard of Oz inspired play in high school. In addition to game creation, Joseph spends his time coding and dreaming of his next big idea. Jessica is a homeschool mom with a background in theatre and radio. Although they have been known to be spontaneous and adventurous (their first trip to OzStravaganza was planned only a few hours before getting in the car!), there really is no place like home where they love to play games, do puzzles, and watch tv and movies as a family.

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