Vendor Information for Oz-Stravaganza! 2015
We are no longer accepting any applications for the 2015 Oz-Stravaganza festival. 
The park is full, and our waiting list has 20+ vendors.
Thank you all for your interest. And we hope to hear from you for our 38th festival in 2016.
Dear Crafter/vendor/food vendor/non profit,
Plans are underway for our 37th Annual Oz-Stravaganza! celebration in Chittenango, New York to be held June 5th through June 7th. Whether you are a veteran of Chittenango’s annual festival or you are attending for the first time, we thank you most sincerely for your support and wish you a profitable weekend. 

The fees for the weekend for each 10x10 space are as follows:
  • Crafters $100 
  • Food vendors $400 10x 10 space ($500 10x20) 
  • Commercial Businesses(non food) $200 ($100 per extra 10x10) 
  • Non profits $25 for each 10x10 space, limited two spaces. 
  • Electricity $25 for weekend, spaces are limited for power so please return application early to assure it’s available. 
  • Any application received after May 1st must add $25 late fee. 
  • Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tents, tables, chairs, signage, etc. 
  • The park will be set out as follows 50% crafters, 20% non-profits, 15% food and 15% businesses. 
  • This will be first come first served basis last year the park was full by beginning of May!! 
  • One car parking space will be provided to each vendor! If you are sharing your space then please be aware only one permit will be issued. 
Below is an application to fill out and return along with the fees:

Checks made payable to: All Things Oz
Please return to: Oz-Stravaganza! Attn: Mark Sample/Lynne Bunce, P.O. Box 456, Chittenango, NY 13037

Please be sure to completely fill out your application. Incomplete applications will be rejected. Return your completed application as soon as possible, as space is limited.
    Prior participation is not guarantee of a space. Please remember park was full by beginning of May last year. Fees for accepted applications are non refundable. Fees for applications not accepted will promptly be returned to you. Other important information is included in your application. Please make a copy of your application before returning it to keep as a reference. 
    2014 applicants your spaces will be held until February 21, 2015. On February 22, 2015, applications will be mailed to applicants on the waiting list. 

I look forward to seeing you all again! 

Ozzily yours,
Mark Sample                                                                                                           Lynne Bunce 
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OZ Park Co-Director
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