Roger Stanton Baum(Great-Grandson)
Roger Stanton Baum is a best-selling children's book author and the great-grandson of L. Frank Baum, creator of the original Oz book series. He has appeared as a guest on Today on NBC as well as Showbiz Today on CNN. Roger has followed in the hallowed footsteps of his ancestor by creating fourteen books to date about the magical Land of Oz. One of his titles, “Lion of Oz and The Badge of Courage,” was made into an animated movie by Sony Wonder featuring the voices of Tim Curry, Dom DeLuise, Jason Priestly and Lynn Redgrave. Another title, “Dorothy of Oz,” is scheduled to be released by Summertime Entertainment as a 3D animated musical, featuring the voices of Lea Michele, Martin Short, Dan Aykroyd, Kelsey Grammer, Jim Belushi, Megan Hilty, Hugh Dancy, Oliver Platt, Patrick Stewart and Bernadette Peters. 
    Roger continues to speak at schools to encourage children, of all ages, the young at heart, to use their imagination and think outside the box. Roger and his wife along with their three Cairn Terriers reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ron Baxley, Jr.
Ron Baxley, Jr., who will be spending his fourth non-consecutive year in Author and Illustrators Alley at Oz-Stravaganza this year, published a new three-in-one Oz book which appeals to all ages through Maple Creek Publishing, The Oz Omnibus of Talking City Tales, in late 2014. The book, for children ages 10 and up and the young at heart, has new characters created by him in adventures with classic L. Frank Baum characters.
    He, along with co-author James C. Wallace II, will have their three previously published gothic and young adult Oz/Wonderland books in one volume, Of Cabbages, Kings, Queens, Flying Pigs, and Dismal Things, through Maple Creek Publishing for the festival. Ron and James will premiere it, a book for young adults ages 12 and up, at Oz-Stravaganza, where all three previous books within the volume appeared separately from 2011-2014.
    Baxley, Jr., in celebration of the 100th anniversary of The Scarecrow of Oz also tentatively plans to have a coloring/interactive storybook to premiere at the festival. Children will also be able to finish illustrations with it, a “Finish Me Mo' ” (T) (C) book, Scarecrow's and Scrap's Surprise. He hopes to contribute some proceeds from this experimental book to the festival.
    He had approximately 20 years in the educational field, including as a public and private school teacher, before leaving his job as a college instructor at the end of 2014 and becoming a part-time reporter for the Orangeburg, S.C. “Times and Democrat”, full-time author (after over 20 years as a part-time free-lancer/published author), and part-time care-giver in 2015. He collects various types of Mr. Potato Heads, enjoys walks in nature and through small towns, enjoys travel and films, loves reading fiction books of all kinds, and lives back in his home-town of Barnwell, SC with a Corgi named Ziggy. He said his faith in God and Christ are important to him as are friends and family.
    Baxley, Jr. has also been formally invited as a special guest to the Ionia, Michigan Wizard of Oz Festival in Ionia, Michigan Friday, June 19-20, has pending special guest invitations at other Oz festivals, and has an on-going schedule of appearances at cons and festivals throughout the year. His publication credits, events attended, and other experiences are too numerous to mention but can be found at: , via his Facebook page at Ron Baxley, Jr., or Twitter at RonBaxleyJrofOz.
    The Oz-Stravaganza Committee and the International L. Frank Baum and All Things Oz Historical Foundation gave him an extra honor this year by having him be a featured guest at a Thursday evening event for the All Things Oz museum members and by setting aside a special signing for him at the museum during the festival weekend (please see the schedule of events).
    Baxley, Jr. said, “I wish to extend a big thank you to the Oz festival volunteers as well as the Oz fans. The volunteers of this festival which honors L. Frank Baum, who we all owe a debt of gratitude to as well, manage like no other in the country to carry on the legacy of Baum (who had Chittenango as his birth-place). The volunteers do so by bringing together Oz celebrities, artists, and authors who continue to keep his vision alive for Oz-Stravaganza, planning amazing events throughout the festival, and through maintaining an impressive museum with a great collection related to Baum and Oz pop culture throughout the year. I thank them profusely for their work and am honored by being formally invited to the festival for four years and by the extra honor of being a featured guest at their museum event.”
Tom Hutchison
Tom Hutchison is the co-founder of Big Dog Ink comics as well as the writer and creator of  The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West. The Wicked West is a re-imagining of the classic L. Frank Baum story but told with an old west twist. Instead of ruby slippers, Gale wears ruby spurs and her best friend Toto is now her trusty steed. 
    A life-long comic book fan, Tom first stumbled across comics at a flea market at the age of 10 and comic books quickly became a staple in his life. Tom has taken part in virtually every portion of the industry at one time or another, starting as a reader and collector and then managing a local comic book shop before moving on and owning his own store. Tom started assisting with other’s creator owned comics and now is writing and publishing his own stories as well as helping new creators with their projects in an editorial capacity.

James C. Wallace II 
James C. Wallace II currently lives in Terre Haute, Indiana with his wife Amanda. His background covers over 32 years in children’s education, including experience working for the world’s largest children’s museum; The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, where he was the Planetarium Educator for SpaceQuest Planetarium.
    In addition to children’s books about Oz, he is recognized by NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a leading developer of web-based educational games, educational exhibit design, curriculum development and implementation. In addition, he is involved in the DiscoverHover program, which is an educational program developing and utilizing hovercraft in a unique and fun way.
    He now serves as the Royal Liaison of Oz and endeavors to return the Land of Oz to L. Frank Baum's original vision on behalf of the children of the world.

Amanda D. Wallace
Amanda D. Wallace currently lives in Terre Haute, Indiana with her husband, James. She has served as a devoted mother to 5 children for over 31 years and has spent a lifetime wring poetry and other assorted bits of literature.
    She now serves, by special invitation from Her Majesty; Princess Ozma, Sovereign Ruler of Oz, as Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma and alongside the Royal Liaison of Oz, endeavors to return the Land of Oz to L. Frank Baum's original vision on behalf of the children of the world.