Virtual Vendor Information for Oz-Stravaganza! 2021

Mazz’s  Kettle Corn 
Please contact Lucy Mazzaferro by phone 518-527-0150; email or visit website at

Rent The Chicken
Please contact Lisa Stevenson by phone 844-310-8782; email or visit website at

We provide families the opportunity to try having chickens in their own backyard. We deliver 2-4 egg laying chickens, a movable coop, food and all the supplies for a 5-6 month rental period.  The family will enjoy the chickens and the fresh eggs all summer long! We also provide a chick hatching experience to daycare facilities, preschools, elementary schools, senior citizen housing, and families.                      

This is a 5 week program. We provide an incubator with 7 fertilized eggs, and all the supplies to care for the chicks for two weeks after they hatch. The chicks and all the supplies are picked up and brought back to our home. There is no commitment to find the chicks homes unless the renter wishes to keep them!

Thirty-One Gifts
Please contact Lisa Stevenson by phone 315-420-0581; email or visit website at

Thirty-One Gifts has a wide selection of handbags, totes, travel bags, backpacks, home organizing solutions, home decor, and more. All products are available in a choice of prints and most can be personalized with embroidery, etching or photo prints. To order please visit 
Clings With Wings and Other Things
Please contact Cheryl Orizino by phone 315-886-6532.

Reusable vinyl clings for windows. All types of images including made to order items.  

Sweetrees Maple Products
Please contact Dan and Ruth Beasley by phone 315-699-3855; email or visit website at

We make a variety of maple products:  syrup, maple cream, candy, lollipops, maple coated nuts, maple fudge, granulated maple sugar, cotton candy, and maple caramel corn. We also sell maple coffee and tea.

For Any Questions, please contact:
Mark Sample, Oz Park Director

W: (315) 883-4214 (day) 
H: (315) 687-6972 (evenings/weekends)