“Adopt a Treasure”

The L. Frank Baum and The Wizard of Oz Exhibit has a started a second fund-raising campaign called “Adopt A Treasure.”  

It is a way for supporters/fans of Oz to help preserve the Legacy of  L. Frank Baum and “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

We have picked four items in our collection that can be “adopted” for six months.
Each item will be describe and the along with a monetary value that will be displayed by each artifact.
More than one person can adopt an artifact at a time.

For your support you will receive a certificate of adoption which has been signed by the great grandson of L. Frank Baum.
Your name will also appear long side the artifact in the museum and listed on our web site for six months.

Please see call All Things Oz at (315) 333-2286 for information and adoption form.

Thank you for your support.

The Waddles-Book 

(A limited edition reproduction)

In 1934 Blue Ribbon Books issued a novelty edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The Waddle-Book included bound-in cardboard cutouts of six Oz characters which could be detached and assembled into three-dimensional form to walk (or waddle) down a cardboard Yellow Brick Road provided with the book. 

Because children played with the figures, very few complete copies of the book
with original “waddles” intact have survived.

 This set is a limited edition reproduction but also an exact copy
of one of those rare sets and besides you can play with this one!
It came with an expensive repo of the book also. It was limited to 500 copies.
They made a few extra sets of the waddles of which this is one.

$30/six months 

Rob McVey Print


Rob Roy MacVeigh was one of the Oz Club’s most creative artists and one of our most active and beloved members. Rob’s work for the Club included articles and art for The Baum Bugle, convention decorations and logos for posters, programs, and T-shirts. Rob produced and illustrated most of the individual verse renderings of the Oz books created by Fred Otto for The Oziad.

In 1981 Rob founded Rob Roy Productions in Seattle. Over the next decade the firm expanded into a broad-based graphic house. It produced a series of thirty-second public service announcements for the Seattle Public Library featuring the Oz characters. Rob’s lifelong—unfortunately unfulfilled—dream was to produce animated movies faithful to the authors and illustrators of Oz. He made considerable progress in developing the full storyboard sequence for his version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and a musical score was written and recorded for the overture and the individual character themes.

Rob’s life-companion, Peter Cervenak, has created for the Oz Club the Rob Roy MacVeigh Memorial Endowment, which will support a gallery area in the Club’s San Francisco research archive.

$20/six months 

Patron: Cindy Ragni

Set of 12 Maid of Arran Cards

These 12 facsimile cards are the only complete copy of an actual set of cards
used by L. Frank Baum to advertise his play, Maid of Arran.

They show the major characters including Louis F. Baum as Author.

These cards were used to advertise the play and often had the theater
and date of the play on the back.

Complete sets of the cards were also used as a
premium at some of the performances.

$30/six months 

Photo to come

Margaret Pellegrini Dress

Known popularity as the “flower pot Munchkin” in the movie,

because her wardrobe consisted of a hat, she proudly wears a replica costume
from “Oz” at personal appearances. 

She also a “Sleepyhead Munchkin” in the pink bonnet up in the nest egg
during the parade through Munchkinland.

One of the first Munchkins to begin appearing regularly at Oz festivals
more than twenty years ago, she’s a crowd pleaser still today.

$40/six months